Empower your community.
Get a head start on recovery.

Help your Residents

Help residents

Allows your residents to volunteer, donate, request help, and find important recovery information.
Speed your Recovery

Speed recovery

Empowers your local organizations to manage local resources and coordinate the community recovery effort.
Save your Time

Save time

Enables you to monitor what is happening in your community, without swallowing your time.

How Recovers Works for Government

Residents Offer or Request Help
Residents offer or request help
Residents go to [yourtown] to request help, offer donations, volunteer their skills, or find important recovery information. Information is kept private as these requests and offers are stored in a secure database only accessible by trusted community organizers.
Orgs Manage Local Resources
Organizers manage the offers and requests
Trusted local organizations (churches, non-profits, etc.) manage the local donations, mobilize volunteers, and meet the requests for help. Additionally, they communicate and share recovery information with residents and other local organizations through the site.
Local Gov Monitors the Recovery
Local government monitors the recovery
You monitor the recovery by looking at the requests for help, the comments posted by residents, and the information posted by your local organizations. Additionally, you can control the emergency information available on the front page of the site and communicate with all of the local organizers.

Idaho Wildfire Recovery

Hailey, ID adopted Recovers software as part of their preparedness plan, and one month later, wildfire threatened the area. Using, the community spread important evacuation information and accepted offers of local volunteer skills and donation items before experiencing damage.
Residents privately reported needs including shelter for seniors and pet care for firefighters, that were met within hours by local organizers using the site. By setting up the site and training a few local organizers in advance, municipal staff could concentrate on their jobs while ensuring everyone received assistance.
Hailey, ID Wildfire