Simplify your efforts.
Amplify your recovery.

Reduce chaos

Reduce chaos

Manage the donations, volunteers, and requests for help from your community in a simple, centralized location.
Help effectively

Help effectively

Use your organization's skills to help your residents and collaborate with leaders in your community.
Be a leader

Be a leader

Find a role, discover a voice, and become an integral part of the community.

How Recovers Works for Organizations

Manage the Requests for Help
Encourage residents to sign up online
Rather than beating down your front door and overwhelming your organization, residents go to [yourtown] to request help, offer donation items, volunteer their skills, and find important recovery information. You have access to use these resources and meet the needs of your community.
Organization Profile
Publicize your location and resources
Define your role by listing your location, skills, and needs. Rather than editing your existing website or starting a new Facebook page, you can reach the community by creating a profile page. Then use the dashboard tools to manage the donations, volunteers, and requests for help.
Centralized Organizing Hub
Work from a centralized organizing hub
With everyone working on the same system, all organizations share the resources that are available in the community. You no longer have to worry about meeting all of the requests for help. Every organization can use their own skills and play their own role in the recovery effort.

Enabling Massachusetts Churches to Organize their Recovery

After an EF3 tornado scrambled Monson, MA, local churches found themselves overwhelmed with donation items, offers of support, and requests for help. Recovers created an online database system to replace their primitive paper lists of volunteer skills and donation items. Having a centralized system allowed Monson’s churches to share information and local resources, eliminating wasted effort and allowing churches and local government to collaborate in short and long-term recovery.
Monson, MA Tornado